Why consult an architectural designer?

How long will planning take?

Are there any other applications needed?

How do I get a good builder?

How do I know how much its really going to cost?

Anything else?

Question Why consult an architectural designer

A good architectural designer or other professional with good local knowledge can can save you time, money and heartache by guiding you through the various stages involved in the design and build process from initial discussions through to a satisfactory completion of the project. This applies equally to residential and commercial projects.


Question How long will an application take

There are generally two applications which have to be made, planning and building regulations.
A planning application generally takes 8 weeks, although Exmoor has National Park status and therefore may take longer. If the property is Listed or in a Conservation area a separate application would be needed together with the planning application.
The planning application generally deals with the appearance of the proposal in its surroundings and its compliance with the National and Local  planning guidelines.
The building regulations application basically deals with the technical aspects of the project, ie, structural integrity, fire prevention, insulation, fuel conservation etc to ensure compliance with the National building regulations, the application generally takes 6-8 weeks.


Question Are there any other applications needed

You will have to ensure that adequate Notice is given to any adjoining owners for works covered by the Party Wall Act.
You may have to apply for a build over agreement in respect of the foul drainage with the local waste water company.

Question How do I get a good builder

You should look for a good local builder with experience locally of the type of work you are considering, recommendation from satisfied customers is preferable. 

Question How much do I know its really going to cost

You should agree the price up front, a priced schedule of works is best to help control any changes and agree stage payments.

Question Anything else

Yes probably, the above items are generalised, every project is different and needs to be dealt with accordingly, if you are considering any works to your property you should seek the advice of an experienced professional, if you have any initial ideas on what you would like to do to your property I would be pleased to discuss these with you.



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